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In need of new tires? At your home or workplace, Queens Mobile Tires can replace, install, and balance tires. Our qualified technicians use cutting-edge technology in mobile equipment to mount your tires on the spot, whenever and wherever you need them.

We are the mobile tire shop that comes to you.

We make it easy for you to book online and schedule your service for as early as tomorrow. Most services are completed in less than an hour, forget about long lines and waiting rooms, don’t leave your house if you don’t need to, professionally installed tires at your home, work or on the road, we stand behind our work with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all services.

About Queens Mobile Tires

We are part of Queens Auto Services, an auto repair shop that has been serving the Algonquin Illinois area and its surroundings areas. After 10 years installing thousands of tires, we bring all our knowledge in tires directly to you for unequaled convenience and confidence, saving valuable time for work and recreation when you use our mobile service for delivery and installation of tires



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What to Expect the Day of Installation...

The day of your appointment a couple of hours before the appointment our technician will text you to let you know he is on the way to meet you. Our technician will deliver your brand new tires you purchased online.

Our technician will arrive in a van that is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to mount and balance your tires while you go about your day. After a quick inspection of your vehicle he will install your new tires and dispose of the tires that were previously on your vehicle providing a hassle free experience.

When to replace your tires

If your tires are with a tread depth of 4/32 inch or less we recommend new tires. If you detect unusual wear patterns or decreased fuel efficiency (lower mpg), it’s time to replace your tires. New tires can help you save money on petrol while also improving your safety on the road. Your vehicle begins to lose grip when driving even before the tires are totally worn down, especially in bad weather. Allow us to assist you in selecting and installing your next set of tires.

Why Do My Tires Wear Down Quickly?

How rapidly your tire tread wears down determines how long your tires will last. Because tire tread helps you grip the road, driving with significantly worn tread can be risky. The following are some of the factors that cause your tire tread to wear out quickly:

  • Wheel Alignment

When it comes to uneven tire wear, this is the most typical cause. If your wheel alignment is wrong, different levels of stress are applied to the separate wheels and tires while you drive. Regularly inspect your wheel alignment as part of your regular vehicle maintenance and get them professionally corrected as needed to extend the life of your tires and other components.

  • Tire Rotation

If you don’t rotate your tires on a regular basis (every 5,000-6,000 miles), they won’t last as long. Because there will always be some uneven wear, rotating the tires on a regular basis (typically in conjunction with each oil change) helps to balance out the damage and prevents the treads on any specific tire from wearing down quicker than the others.

  • Driving Habits

Your driving habits will undoubtedly have an impact on the wear and tear on your wheels and tires. When you accelerate from a full stop,, slam on the brakes, or push your car too hard around tight corners, you are only hastening the demise of your tires.

  • Brake System

If your brake pads wear out or one of your calipers or discs becomes stuck, it will result in uneven tire tread wear. As part of your overall maintenance plan, you should also have your brakes inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

  • Suspension System

If your suspension is faulty or improperly calibrated, you may feel every bump and vibration on the road. Because your suspension system isn’t doing its job, the tires are bearing the brunt of the pressure and damage.

  • Power Steering

Though it is not the most likely cause, problems with your power steering system can result in increased tire stress and uneven tread wear. It’s a good idea to get a power steering service on a regular basis to help with wheel alignment.

Hassle Free Experience

We have made it possible for you to have an easy and enjoyable experience when buying your next set of tires, browse through our inventory and pick the tires that fit the best tires that fit your car and your budget and leave the rest to us, sit back and relax.